Five good reasons to invest in Hungary!

Foreign investors looking for reasons to invest in Hungary can easily see that this European country offers plenty of business opportunities. Hungary is a member of the European Union which represents an advantage for other European companies that want to open branches or subsidiaries here

.1. Good geographical locationHungary has a central location in Europe which makes it ideal for foreign investors who want to expand their operations in this continent. The location is suitable for transport and logistics activities or for import and export businesses. Other European countries are easily accessible from Hungary and the country offers access to a valuable internal market.

2. Well trained workforceHuman resources are one of the country’s main assets. Investors have access to a well trained workforce: individuals have college/university degrees or have other qualifications in areas like manufacturing

.3. Business friendly environment Hungary welcomes foreign direct investments and has a competitive policy for foreign investments. Although the country offers many business opportunities, some of the leading sectors in Hungary are: – the automotive industry;- the electronics sector;- the services sector;- the food and agriculture industry.

4. A favorable tax system If you want to invest in Hungary you should know that this country has advantageous taxes for companies and individuals. The corporate income tax is between 10 and 19%, lower than in other European countries like France or the United Kingdom. The personal income tax has a flat rate of 16%. This competitive tax system is aided by certain tax incentives and allowances.

5. Government incentives, the Hungarian government encourages investments and competitiveness through a range of incentives. This state aid can be either refundable or non-refundable. Special attention is offered to the progress of research and development activities and R&D investments. VIP investment subsidies are available for investors in Hungary and they are offered in certain cases.

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